Vivid's map pack (now for DE)

I’ve recently ported my custom maps to DE! Subscribe and enable in game and my maps will appear in your custom maps drop down menu.

click here for my map mod or subscribe in game last updated January 31, 2021.

I made a detailed post here vivid's DE maps - ESOCommunity


Hmm, maybe I messed up, but I extracted/copied ALL files from the Rar file into the Radmaps folder. Unfortunately, they don´t seem to show up. :frowning: Am I missing something?

Please ignore the above. Found them already, under custom maps. Awesome! Thanks!!

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Hmm, there is something weird with the map.

First off, there are some very strange trees, which aren´t really trees. Seems a glitch. They move a lot and disappear from time to time.
Also, even though I was crushing the player, I suddenly received the message that I abandoned my town. :frowning:

Any clue?

Sounds like you played on Regicide Arena and lost your Daimyo?

The trees are weird because there is a lot of wind lol.

For the record, I don’t recommend that map as the first of mine you should play! 21

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Can’t you lublish as mods?

Thanks for your input. That might indeed have been the case. Thanks! Overall excellent maps!!

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No idea about this… I am nub.

Thanks! Hope people enjoy playing on them.

I looked into it and I do not think it’s possible.

Updated December 18, 2020. Twin Sisters now gives everyone the opportunity to mine any diamond mine they want.

Added new map Fortress where players start with a star Fort. This is intended to be a FFA or KOTH map.

In the works: a map mod to make sharing maps easier. Hopefully mod issues will be fixed eventually.fortress 1v1

fortress ffa fortress team fortress tower stats

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Updated December 21, 2020. All maps improved consistency for 2v2v2v2 spawns and added an arena map (inspired by aoe2 arena). Players start with their base protected by bastion walls and wood is only found around the perimeter of the map. Your base is safe from early pressure, but you will have to push out on the map for food and coin! Natives are present in the center of the map. There are 5 variants to represent different regions in the AoE3 world including Northwest Canada, Northeast US, South America, Dekkan, and Southeast Asia.

arena3v3 arenaffa arenakoth


I updated and rejigged the map Lost 5.02. Made a thread for Lost 6.00, ready to play on DE!

Finally got around to making my map mod. I updated the OP. Subscribe and enable in game and my maps will appear in your custom maps drop down menu.

click here for my map mod or subscribe in game

@RadiatingBlade or someone with some special powers on the forum, I’d like to update my original post but I am currently unable to edit it. Do I need to start a new thread or can you enable editing for it?

Your topic is now a wiki topic which you should be able to freely edit now with updates over time.

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New Map: Nechako River. You start with either a healer or a cree cdb depending on the native settlements on the map.
nechako1v1 nechako2v2v2v2

nechakoffa nechakoteam

My latest update sees improvements to several maps including Wabakimi, Arena, Nechako River, Regicide Arena (now named Regicide Island), Nepal, Vietnam, and East Africa! Most are just fixing some spawn consistency issues but I’ve created a safe res area on my Arena map:

I’ve also added 3 new maps: Ring, Marshlands, and Empire Wars!

Ring is a meme map where there is a series of cliffs each containing a different resource.
Ring 1v1

Marshlands has 3 spawns of swamps around the world (NA, SA, and Asia). The intent is to promote native play as there are up to 3 types of natives on the map, including a socket in base and you even begin with a trade post wagon!
Marsh 1v1 Marsh team

Empire Wars is based on the concept behind aoe2’s empire wars. A detailed post about this can be found here. I welcome all feedback as I’m certain it isn’t balanced yet. There are 2 spawns (marsh and lakes) and alternate win conditions!
empire wars 1v1 water empire wars ffa dry empire wars ffa water empire wars team dry