Voice chat

MIC! Voice chat through the game, is it something interesting? What do you think about this?
I’m someone who really likes this feature, but I understand that it’s the kind of tool that can bring out the toxicity of the community.

Thinking in terms of gameplay, if a team plays by voice chat via Discord, it will have some degree of advantage over the team that does not have this feature.

In Dota 2, we have integrated voice chat and the worst games happen when players don’t have a microphone, don’t want to talk or speak another language (there is a huge fight between Portuguese and Spanish speakers… it seems, sometimes, English developers has a certain difficulty in understanding that they are different languages that greatly affect communication in a competitive game).


Age of noob made a video of some of the hidden files on game and it seemed that in game voice chat was on it.
It’s very likely the could implement it at some point

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With simple mute option and option to increase/decrease a player voice … Why not? I cannot see any negative stuff about that … :slight_smile:


I hate talking to random people, so please make it optional.


DGPstudios I agree, but honestly I just don’t know of a game where voice chat isn’t optional. :roll_eyes:

agree, VOIP should be an expected feature in any multiplayer game that comes out in 2021

extremely easy to implement.

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I’m totally in

If a player don’t like it in auto match he could just mute.

This function is more and more wanted in a game it’s important for the coordination and the game is more living.

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