Vote for Arabia preference

In Recent update,

We are experiencing new Arabia.
mainly the change of location of forests and hill for the resource make us annoy or happy and so on.
You can choose in multiple.
What’s your opinion?

[Satisfaction of New arabia]

  • Satisfaction - Location of Forests (More Forward)
  • Satisfaction - Location of Resources on hill
  • Satisfaction - More Opened map
  • Disatisfaction - Location of Forests (More Forward)
  • Disatisfaction - Location of Resources on hill
  • Disatisfaction - More Opened map

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[What’s your preference?]

  • Old arabia (exisited one for years)
  • Previous Arabia (3 backward forest, previous update)
  • New Arabia (3forward, 2back+1forward, 2forwad+2back) Recent Update

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You can seggest opinion by replying
Thanks for your comments!

I dont care Arabia become ■■■■
But Please dev talk to us
Why you change Arabia
For what ? Tournament? Anti Turtle?
If no purpose on it
Why change Arabia ?
Dev should not change something because " feel this is cool"

If Dev do it on purpose
I can say , i dont care Arabia become ■■■■ map,
I can play it
I dont freaking care 3forward, 2back+1forward, 1forwad+2back
Or only 1 tree

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To keep you on your toes.

Already so many different maps
No reason to change Arabia

New Arabia is so imbalance
If your 3 forward woodlines and plus Hills
U cant build TC
You get harass
You can lose the game so easy

and why dont just put some Tournament Maps in Map pool
Rank Arabia is useless

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I dont want a set amount of woodlines.
Give us the KotD arabia. It has a lot of different gens, but is always fair for bith players and never all your res in the same spot


Because even with their diversity maps over 2 years they haven’t changed the strong preferences over arabia, so ruining the map to make it less appealing makes sense in order to boost other maps play rate.

At this point current arabia just shares the old name, it looks more to serengeti now.

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In some sense i don’t hate the change to much in 1v1 now as both players are usually open and have to play aggressive, making alot of games more interesting but in team games it can just get way too snowbally especailly when all golds are forward

Main aspect that really needs changing is the res spawning on hills (usually starts half way up)
I have had many generations recently where I have not been able to tc a single woodline in my own base and often the golds as well hope this gets fixed soon

At least it’s better than the one in the last patch :smiley:

So everyone wants AOC Arabia back it seems. It’d save us from this non-sense boring meta and exhausting patches.