🗳 VOTE NOW! 1v1 Ranked Map Rotation - June 01

Sometimes they add new maps to the game. These new maps will be part of the dev picks / voting for the next rotations. This wont happen every month. I think this happens 2-3 times since release. Maps like Crater, Volcano Islands, Michi (for team games) are examples of these kind of maps.

I would love to see some competition for monthly new maps from the community that makes it into the base game. These maps could replace the dev picks for example. This way you can have 1-2 new maps every month (1-2 in each map rotation). After the month, you can put these maps into the voting.

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Arabia, Arena and pure water map (Islands, Migration, Water nomad, etc) are fixed choices. It’s ok.

But Four Lakes and Nomad are hybrid maps and plays almost the same way. They shouldn’t be in map pool at the same time.
Several hybrid maps is not a problem per se. But this maps are too similar. For instance, Golden Swamp is hybrid map too. But it’s played differently than those two.
And where other hybrid maps? Rivers, Scandinavia, etc. Why always Four Lakes and Land Nomad?

Also I’m tired too see super aggressive Socotra type map as dev’s pick.
We had Socotra two weeks ago. Crater is just softer variant of Socotra essentially. And next will be Volcanic Island which looks like Socotra.

And one more question. Is it possible too use tournament maps for ladder? For instance, some HC4 maps like Bay, Cup, High Tides. They look pretty fun or at least as something new.

o_O ??? I mean… they really don’t. One of them is a fixed tc start, the second is a nomad start. Pretty big difference right there. You have even more tactical variety on nomad than you do in Four Lakes (which has admittedly, higher variety than maps like Arabia)