🗳 VOTE NOW! 1v1 Ranked Map Rotation - June 14

Have you ever tried or considered trying some of the other maps? Sure, they require a different meta and a bit of practice, but they can be quite enjoyable, at least, I find them to be.


I don’t vote as Nomad isn’t an option.

You could vote African Clearing + Water Nomad + Another map if you want to see at least 1 other nomad style map get it, even if it isn’t actual Nomad.

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I think that shows how good you’ve got it. Now imagine you prefer nomad or arena.

Yes, I’ve tried basically all of them. But I just don’t like water or Nomad starts at all.

I do like Arena at least to the point I don’t ban it. Good thing Towers got stronger and pushing in Feudal Age can be an option again.

Can’t disagree with that usually :smiley: I apologize if I sounded a bit too harsh on my critizism and I realise that I have expressed myself a little laughably. I was just worried that map I don’t like would get more votes. I think I can live with having Arabia, Serengeti, Arena and African Clearing or Hideout open.

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wen nomad as fixed map

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Well, this new map pool is rather balanced: 2x open, 2x closed, 1x water, 1x nomad start, +MegaRandom… that should be fair for everyone.

Of course, personally I would have preferred a second water (or hybrid) map (as in this iteration), possibly instead of obnoxious MegaRandom, but from objective point of view it looks fine.