🗳 VOTE NOW! Team Game Ranked Map Rotation - April 06!

Whats the point of forcing Wolf Hill, Budapest in there?

Fix 3 and vote for 6 instead!

Budapest is fun map. It has a different meta, but that’s exactly why it’s good fun. :slight_smile:

Yes. It was giving some really interesting maps before(starting with a monk, or siege ram, etc.), but now it’s just “random”, with no “mega” about it :confused:

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If this is true… I wonder why happened. I dont remember it being in the patch notes. I like the MEGArandom aspect too!

umm what happened to the map rotation? it switched up a few days ago and now it reverted back to the old map selections

There was an issue with the servers. Seems like they fix that issue, but accidently revert the map pool as well.

Is this going to get addressed or will it be swept under the rug. It was such a solid team game map pool and it only stuck around for 5 or so days. :frowning:

i know i like wolf hill and hideout lol. i wanna try budapest too looks fun. getting tired of arena though… Gonna miss Goldpit from the old setup once its gone :stuck_out_tongue: but wolf hill will replace it pretty well. Excited to lame enemies with wolves lol.

Budapest is a blast. I greatly enjoy it, you can get some crazy starts with the second TC.