VOTE POLL --> Top 4 Paladin Civs!

Vote top 4 Paladin Civs (poll closes on October 6th of the year 2021)
  • Burgundians
  • Byzantines
  • Celts
  • Cumans
  • Franks
  • Huns
  • Lithuanians
  • Magyars
  • Persians
  • Spanish
  • Teutons

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I chose an unconventional 4th pick in the Romans. The Romans do not have anywhere near the best Paladins, and it was hard to choose between them, the Persians, and the Burgundians, but they use it as a Swiss Army Knife tool, as part of a greater civilization. It may not be the shears of the Teutons, Franks, or other dedicated cavalry civilizations, but that tool hurts hard when played well, and supported correctly. They have the widest array of support options for their Paladins, and the most economical trash support. The Huns did not reach the top 4 level in my mind, despite having that nice stables bonus, full technologies, and having the ability to mix them with Cavalry Archers. Notably the Roman Paladin lacks Bloodlines, the last attack upgrade, and a cavalry specific bonus. The Burgundians and Persians are pretenders in my mind, with the Burgundians’ strong economic play, use of bully builds, and backing them with Burgundian Vineyards for longer term play, and the Persians having that magnificent bonus.
The lack of the last armor armor upgrade, in addition to Bloodlines, cripples the Celts. That is not to say that they cannot play them, but I would rather lose Blast Furnace than Plate Barding any day.
There is nothing wrong with Spanish Paladins, and they are potent in team play. They key is getting there.
EDIT: I clarified that I was speaking of the Roman Paladin, and not the Hun Paladin, when saying that said Paladin lacked Bloodlines and Blast Furnace.

Byzantine? 20 character

They weren’t even Romans anymore, basically Greek and Christian, not the Roman civilization as dominant as they were known

As expected, Lithuanians aren’t anymore good
Sad… While franks as top as annoying

? You base your impressions on a poll, likely voted by < 1k elo players?

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If the Lithuanians had Blast Furnace with their Winged Hussars, they would be absolutely terrifying. Their Hussar’s raiding power is slightly upgraded as is.


Yes, the Eastern Roman Empire.

They still referred to themselves as Romans at the time :slight_smile:

Franks : an obvious choice, more hp than full upgrade, and the extra line of sight is nice to have. 192 instead of 180 doesn’t look like much but it notably means surviving 1 extra halberd strike.

Cumans : same situation, faster than full upgrade. That extra speed is always good to avoid fighting counter units and strike the enemy where it hurts.

Teutons : full upgrade except husbandry, but extra melee armour, and more resistant to conversion. I’d say the melee armour more than makes up the longer time under enemy fire, unless you get hit and run by cavalry archers on an endless plain.

Which leaves for the 4th one… I choose the Persians. Full upgrade minus heresy, but an attack bonus against archers which is nice to take.

The Lithuanians need 2 relics to even become equivalent to a fully upgraded paladin. Having more to actually get a bonus won’t happen often and when compared to the elite leitis (which reaches a sneaky 20 attack with said 2 relics, most units having a hp amount multiplier of 20…), I question the usefulness of their paladin in the first place.


They were great…
But that Winged Hussar happened…At this point you can remove paladin for them and none will care… especially when you see that Bulgarians get a huge 33% attack speed boost quite fast, as well Malians with +5 attack, which is really fast to

The malian bonus is limited by the lack of blast furnace and the fact that it’s merely a cavalier. In the end their cavalier strikes 1 harder than a FU paladin. It’s more interesting for their scout line and camels IMO.

As for the bulgarian cavalier, that’s still not enough to beat a FU paladin. It might beat weaker ones like a celtic or byzantine paladin though.


Bruh malian and Bulgarian cavalier still destroy paladins without blast furnace, which is right now the thing with lithuanians.

Except that relic bonus. It cannot be ignored entirely.

Alright I made the calculations, a simple time to kill estimate. Which paladins can Malian and Bulgarian cavaliers beat, assuming both react instantly ?

  • Teutonic, Frankish, Persian, Cuman, Hunnic, Magyar, Spanish, Lithuanian with 1+ relic : beats both cavaliers
  • Burgundian : beats the Malian but loses to the Bulgarian cavalier
  • Lithuanian without relic, Celtic, Byzantine : loses to both cavaliers

Since their cavaliers cost the same as paladins, hard to make the argument that they have the best. All the Lithuanians need is 1 relic, which is likely to get.

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Except Paladin is an insanely expensive upgrade and rarely seen in 1v1

I would add it is very difficult to vote with no contest. I agree paladin is too expensive for 1v1, so maybe the best paladin civ for 1v1 is Burgundians since it is the only one that can comfortably afford it.

But ofc in TG late game missing bloodlines is huge…

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#1 Franks

#2 Huns

#3 Spanish

#4 Teutons

why do people think Lithuanians are bad? They have:

  • above average Halbs vs ranged units
  • best Skirms in the game
  • good Castle Age UT that makes u immune to pushes by Mangonels.
  • good UU
  • average FU Paladin if you collect 2 Relics (not hard in 1v1)
  • above average Hussar
  • above average Castle Age with 10+3/10+4 Knights

Even in full trash wars, Lithuanians are above average with insane Skirms and +5 HP and +1 MA Hussars.


It’s only grousing commenters who make it seem so. If you look at the poll, you see how most people really feel, and top 3 is definitely pretty darn good.

As to the rest of your post, it really is only the paladin that people are talking about, to be fair.