Vote to Bring Back El Dorado Campaign

Sensitive to who…?

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well, there is dos pilas

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Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the El Dorado campaign was particularly good, but I also don’t think it was bad enough to not make it into the game as an additional campaign.

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Dos Pilas got also kind of reworked. Like they removed the side quest of finding stone heads. And overall the mission is really buggy. When purple starts rushing you and you need to decide you can delete your TC and then choose orange. Then after taking blue’s base you get yellow’s base as well.

The sidemission with red bugged out for me as well. Like I defended them for the necessary amount of time and then after the clock ran out it still turned to the enemie’s side.

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Yes, it’s true, it’s buggy as ■■■■. But what I meant is that there is a tikal-calakmul campaign

Dos pilas covers some of those events…in a pretty buggy way


Lepanto si Spanish too! The great Miguel de Cervantes fought in that battle

I don’t understand this difference:

  • All Forgotten campaigns have been reworked;
  • El Dorado has been totally removed.

Why El Dorado has not been reworked like others?

  • I don’t believe it’s a matter of racism. “Negros” is surely racist, but it could be replaced with something else… like “Cannibals” for example.
  • I don’t believe it’s a matter of “RPG” map genre. Other RPG-style scenarios from Forgotten have been reworked.

No official response has been provided by Microsoft… perhaps we’ll never know.

Microsoft doesn’t like letting people know anything about changes that people had no info about

My guess is because it’s like AOE3 campaigns, fictional. And AOE2 does not have fictional campaigns.

Yet, I would like to see it reworked

It’s not fictional.

Again, the campaign was likely dropped because of two reasons, the Forgotten Campaigns were reworked overall into more traditional “Build and Destroy” scenarios, which you can’t really do with the Francisco de Orelana expedition and the fact that it was basically a second Spanish campaign (“Battles” scenarios =/= Campaigns in response to people bringing up “Lepanto”) despite being “advertised” as an Inca campaign.


I meant the whole concept of El Dorado was a myth

True, but that does not mean it didn’t happen, the Spanish Conquistadors searching for said myth for years. Although questionable in some parts, the El Dorado campaign is rather faithful to the Francisco de Orellana expedition and isn’t like AoE3 where they actually find El Dorado or has supernatural elements or secret orders or anything like that. The Campaign exaggerates a bit, but so does every other campaign in AoE2.


Yep, would like to see it back as well. Maybe they could release it for a special event season

Maybe it got removed because you can kill women in it. Just a thought

Very valid points. Never tried to say the search for El Dorado was a myth. It was a true story.

Bayinnaung: ‘sweats nervously’

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It’s not politically correct, but, for example, you can always kill female villagers in any scenario. It’s a war, anybody is killed. Did you ever see a rocket dodging women?

He’s being sarcastic

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