I had a game few minutes ago were the Dutch came with like 50 waardgelders.

I thought this was a one time card in church or does the card in DE also enable the dutch to train them in the saloon?

trainable stratiots from the tavern are renamed aswell. the Card doesnt allow you to train them, so they have been in the tavern before

They werent trainable as far as I was aware.

ok, i tested it in the meantime. The dutch card doesnt activate the stratiots in a tavern and they dont have a “infinite 10 Stratiot” or “Mediteranian Mercenary” card. The only thing activating stratiots is via revolution into romania or hungary. but those arent available for the dutch, and they are also called Krabat (atleast in the german translation of the game)

I might have not seen them but I thought the only cav was the jet lancer and elmeti. Speaking of those why ever choose jet lancer over elmeti? Elmeti have so much more hp.