Wall abuse / treaty

I wanted to find a solution to make treaties more intersting to play.

I think walls should be forbiden till the treaty is finished to avoid stupid wall abuse which completely waste the game.

How could we play treaties with a average level of players and not only in beginner games ?

Unless it’s a nomad map. I don’t think what you ask can be done. The yellow box border will not allow you to make stuff inside their zone.

I did a test. It does not work. See my trying to put down a wall down.

several time, ennmy walled my forum, my gold, relics during treaty.

Now you even cannot use onagers to break walls during treaty…

Anyway the result is that now the only who are playing treaty are total beginner thinking that walling the whole map will make them win the game.

Perhaps walls should only be allowed inside your own yellow box?

that would be much better idea.

I recommend you playing closed maps like Arabia or Fortress instead of treaty
Treaty is not well supported by the devs because almost no one plays on it

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