Wall, Building Bug

Check on video and fixed

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Video does not work for me either in Chrome or Firefox

https://www.facebook.com/dennyaoe/videos/645241239342533/UzpfSTEwMDAyNzkyNjIwMTAxMjpWSzoyNzI3NTIyNjA0MTQxNTUz /

I think submitted this bug in the Closed Beta like almost 2 years ago. Except I was using buildings instead of walls. Apparently the fix they did has side effects and looks like a dirty fix.

AFAIK (I could be wrong with the entire theory below because I am at work and need to confirm when back home)

To people watching and not understanding it, we need to first highlight basic behaviour of a building and training units.

  • A trained unit should spawn near the building.
  • Based on rally point set, the unit will spawn from the direction towards the rally point if possible.
  • Based on obstructions, the unit should spawn at another area of the building, even if rally points are set.
  • If all valid spawn locations are obstructed, the unit should be canceled.

Now the bug explained: if that location is obstructed (in this case by a wall) it should cancel the unit. In Age of Empires classic, this already happens. Apparently in DE they didn’t proper program this mechanism in or something else is going on.

In the closed beta and early versions of the actual release, the unit would spawn inside/top of the building. Sometimes multiple units would spawn on top of each other, causing them to get permanently stuck. Apparently, and my guess, they decided to spawn the unit further away from the building. Essentially this is a dirty fix and not solving the actual problem at all.

And thus, this leads to critical abuse. Because you can build a building next to the enemy wall, rally point on the other side and voila: Your units will pop inside enemy’s base who thought walls would protect him/her.

Apparently I was wrong. This hasn’t been fixed at all. And it seems to be an issue in AoE and RoR as well. Tested in AoE RoR (no patches).

Units spawn outside of building.

But not when covered with two layers of walls. So guessing the maximum spawn range is 2?

As soon as the valid placements are obstructed, then it will spawn units beyond the wall.

Again max spawn range seems 2.

And now testing in AoE DE 28529:

But watch what happens if you put a rally point. Majority of the units are stuck and on top of each other. Collision and pathing goes crazy. Some will escape, others will turn around in circles. All in all my bug report back seems unhandled.

The reason why VNSCool’s video works is because of Rally Points. In AoE and RoR, you had to actually fully train the valid empty cells until the building couldn’t place. Only then it would consider placing them beyond the wall. But in AoE DE you can set rally points and thus always abuse the bug.

Of course the max 2 range goes here as well. So if you have double layer of walls, it won’t put the unit behind the wall, regardless of the rally point.

So yea. This is pretty vulnerable to abuse in many forms.