Wall Creation time compeltely unbalanced(all Versions)

Exactly. And walls are not that defensive to begin with. A couple of priests, long-ranged archers and specially siege units renders them mostly useless.

I am not sure what instaclick walls means. However, if you mean unbuilt walls blocking units, the trade off in the game is that you lose resources when it is destroyed. So for your investment in techs and stone you get a wall with some HP, but not sure if it is full wall HP. In any case you also invested in build time and walling off so it isn’t instant and it isn’t free. Painting walls that don’t get one hammer tap should be passable.

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Sure but then you conceding the answer to destroy walls is bronze because priests long rang archers and siege are all past tool.

spartan it means their is no delay at all to make 5% complete hwalls and the walk time from axer to the next adjacent wall takes longer then the villager walling that tile.

For you


Bowmen can have 5+1 range and shoot over walls, so use them.

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LOL hilarious bro !!

so you spend 5 stone to save at least 1 villager which costs 50 food and training time. obviously that’s a good investment. But my critique is the speed of the wall that it can be clicked instantly to blocked with a few milliseconds

won’t help in al qaex diagram above by then the villagers are gone. As previously stated it shifts the nash equilibrium towards projectile based army. So your counter argument to a dominating strategy is use a dominating strategy.

Yes VNSCool showed age 2 but same kind of abuse happens in age 1. Again the millisecond block is the problem. if the block comes in around 1 second(that is a rough number for player to move right or left to go around or go thru this won’t be a problem. This is basically a continuation of shadow walling. It’s called something else now because the builders have to be adjacent to the wall in order to build it but it still basically happening.

Why? You try to use it all the time. You fail, but that is not our fault.

It still can be done if its 1s delay. It just moves away from a hack to a legit tactical use. When you have hacky walls below the 33ms threshold then the play legitimatly can’t react to me because we only view at 30 fps and if your argument be faster then are you suggesting the game is only for robots and not humans?

In the “CAGE” example. I think that’s a good example of what walls look like with 1s delay. The differnce here is the other player SAW the wall tile placement and walked into it and then player must spend time completing the wall. But if player just puts walls while player is moving on without reacting within the millisecond domain then its hacky and opens up the door to bot walling which destroys the community.

Can we please close this topic? I will stop following, because it makes no sense. Wall is wall, xpert block a rush by walls. It’s the game. Face it.


if you call wall is wall then shadow walling was legal as well. But players realized it was hacky and ms changed it for the better. And what came out of it? Better community gameplay. if players can react and get inside rather then not be able to react to walls that arrive with less then a frame of video defenders will have to play better. Better gameplay yields more viewers. Hacky gameplay turns of viewership. It’s funny once but then the whole community knows how to use it and everyone is doing it. The critical question is does this make richer gameplay. The answer is obvious it does not.

Not only is this probably one of the worst suggestions, it would not even work, if walls only became solid when 100% completed, then a unit could stand on top of it the second it turns 100%, which would either mean unit should become stuck or get pushed out, which is stupid and dosen’t work. if it even was 25%, then it would still completely ruin all gameplay, since rushes would become 5x more effective, and walling before scouts come on highland would be impossible, which would just make the gameplay horrible. “hacky gameplay turns viewers off” dude quickwall exists in aoe2 aswell, and there its an exciting thing for the viewers when a pro does it, and in aoe1 its the same way, it takes skill to do it.


It is like HB said, This is done in AoE2 as well, Just because your to slow to get inside or kill the vils or wall in some way doesnt mean everyone else should get punished for it. It is a legit tactic and changing it would harm the gameplay more than anything really. You constantly talk abut “being number 1” but complain about things like this? No your not even in the top 20 brainy, Any expert let alone a high inter/GP can manage to make this work and do it more often than not, and on the flip side find a way inside because they can rush fast enough to do so.

This topic needs closed.


Walls are fine. If anything, make wall tiles bigger.
Now close this topic.


It’s not humanly possible to get around walls against a top tier player who walls fast. Walls can be dropped down faster then axers move. Hence 33 ms. This is the problem.