Wall improvement suggestions

I wish we were allowed to connect a wooden wall to a stone wall. I’ve had a few instances where I felt the need for it. Sometimes it’s because I don’t have the stone resources at first, so I start building a wooden wall, then transition to stone. Other times, I would like to connect a stone wall to a neighbor’s wooden wall. This brings me to the next suggestion, which has been proposed already: we should be able to connect our walls to our allies’. We should also be able to patch their broken walls with ours. Thoughts?


I agree. Have never thought of it.

I’d like to add the possibility to connect your walls with an allies wall as currently doesn’t make any sense not being able to do that.


The repairing and patching thing is great, had never thought of it, the joining thing with allies too! but the wooden to stone joining sounds great for in-game defending purposes but… it sounds physically impossible I mean how would that looK? im thinking of the artistry of the final image… How would you connect a wood wall to a big stone wall??

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We can connect the palisade walls to a tree line or cliff… I guess the logic / look shouldn’t be very different for connecting to stone walls.
And I also very much like the suggestions. Could open up a lot of possibilities for creative defensive structure layouts.

At first I liked your idea, but then unliked it because I can see teams going too crazy with the walling. I could see exploits being used to where teams would make walls 10 layers deep with no spacing in-between. I’d say it should be a coordinated effort on where things wall off. I’ve told team mates to delete certain sections so I can connect my end somewhere.

I think you should be able to connect to teammates’ walls, because of some crazy walling in team games. That you had to request an ally to delete their wall so you can build your own is one example of an in-game mechanic that is not intuitive. I have had similar experiences in team games as well, and we sometimes end up with some really strange stone wall patterns.

This one of the simplest and best suggestions I’ve come across. @BennieBanana Welcome to the forum, and keep sending in good ideas! I love it.

Yes I would like the wood palisades to have the ability to connect to:

  • outposts
  • stone walls as a T junction
  • stone wall towers
  • keeps

I agree with everything but the stone wall towers and keeps.

I can understand what they don’t connect to wall segments.

It might actually make them worse if they could.