Wall problems (possible bugs)

Sometimes you can’t build/rebuild when you are trying to attach it to a gate.

Also, vills behind a wall repairing can sometimes still be attacked by melee units. I’m sure this is well known to many players but it should be fixed imo.


Thank you for the report @JazBas1.

Are you referring to palisade walls/gates or stone?

Palisade gates.

Can you please make a small mention about any upcoming UI fixes? or if you guys are aware? I’m talking about the unit group box where they SHOULD show individual units when drag clicking multiple units… Will you guys be fixing this in the future or are you guys happy with the way it is?

Thanks @JazBas1. There are a couple small bugs around palisades/gates, but I believe a fix is already coming for this one.

Unfortunately what is/is not mentioned in blogs, release notes, KIs, etc. is not up to me. Please don’t shoot the (non) messenger.

Please create another bug thread with this feature request laying out exactly what you hope to see and I’ll make sure the team sees it.

Hi there,

I did post one on UI before, specifically to do with the group box but didn’t get any reply from the devs. Got replies from the public saying many people have commented about the UI but didn’t get a reply.

Would be great to be just told on what the plan is for UI improvement. Trust me on this game will attract a lot more people if it had a better UI!

Please point me to the thread and I’d be happy to take it to the team.

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It’s this one

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