Wall Spam

Hello, is anybody going to talk about the wall spam players do 50% of the time?

Like OMG, they hide a settler behind all that mess, and it’s really hard if not impossible to find. Last time I spend 30min looking just because a guy didn’t want to surrender.

I think a solution to this would be to see the walls only when fully constructed.


If they try to hide their vills like this and play hide and seek just go for trade monopoly victory.


What the hell omg???


Yes, the problem is there were still players in-game, so they would not allow the monopoly victory.

I wanted that guy out to stop the spam, but I could not find his last units.

I know, its just anoying. They can’t accept defeat so they start doing that.

This is the first time in all the years that I play AoE III that I see this. But like already stated you should just do a trade monopoly at that moment.

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Isnt the wall already only seen when a villager starts to build it? I mean his entire villager must have walked across the map to do this.

Was that game ffa? Cuz in that case I can see where you were going.
This is the first time I ever see something like that on this game

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That’s correct, but not when you research “Spies” to see all players, you can see where they are going to construct. And players take advantage of that by doing this.