Walling and tree line, the dreaded holes in your base defense still exists

At first I was confident we would never see these unfair base holes in this game like we did in AoE2.
Thought you guys got it right, but it looks like you haven’t yet.
Looks pretty closed off for me. Siege isn’t able to make it, but army squeezes through.


Any chance you have the video of you placing the wall as well? I think it might help to figure out how this happened.

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Yes. This is the replay observing teammate Jackie.

The stages in the video.

  1. Placing the wall 0:00-0:58
  2. Building the wall 0:59-1:29
  3. Villagers working off the same tree line the wall is attached to and traders squeezing through. 1:29-3:48

It’s clear as day the wall is placed properly against the tree line. There are some villagers that chopped some of the wood line away, but not enough to warrant cavalry to get through. The villagers did not touch the tree that is flush against the wall.

You can see the standing tree hitbox circle is flush with the 3d model.

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I just tested this. It seems like you need to be very careful with villagers chopping the trees on the edge of your walls as it can create a small gap like this that units can pass through. Nice video btw!

I think this is probably the case, though anyone know if you’re able to close that small gap by attempting to replace that end wall?

I tried it and it seems you can close the gap by extending the wall. It’s worth noting that it can be very difficult to see that the wall is not connected in some cases where 1 tree has been chopped down to open a small gap. It might be worth considering an icon above the wall of a broken chain to show that side is no longer connected.


Great feedback—thanks!