Walling bug

This is Danube river, my mic wasn’t detected but I was raging.

First issue, you can’t build gates before a wall is built, we all know this.

second, building the wall early without 2 walls in between creates the bug you see here.

Third, holding delete key, not sure if I had held Delete too long, or the ping delay (200ms) thought I was still pushing the button down as I selected the vill to rebuild the wall…

No I don’t have the seed, This is Danube River Playing as Abbasid. (2v2)

Sure does! I was able to easily repro this one. It looks like the problem isn’t so much the two Palisade Walls with the Gate themselves, but that the space from the edge of the Gate to the riverbank is not big enough to make a new wall, given the weird gap the Gate creates in the second wall when construction is started.

Appreciate you pointing this out @LINGLING2688! We’ll look into it!

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