Walls and keeps need to be nerfed HARD

I bet everyone can with the rule of three


hasanlchess thinks aoe2 is better? how can this be? I must be dreaming

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I took ideas from any game

See, AOE2 aint that bad xD

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3 hour game

you lose in statistics but you win the game

If you make stone walls destructible by any units. Siege units will loose its primary function. Thats why they are called siege units.

I don’t see any problems with people who are turtling, because it’s part of the basic strategies of an rts game. Also, this is medieval setting game thats why walls should play a vital role in gameplay.

If you don’t like people turtling then maybe this game is not for you. Maybe play other rts games without walls. Starcraft 2, beyond all reasons, warcraft 3, etc.


Enemy invested in

  1. Keep
  2. Springalds

And you invested in

  1. Trebutchet

It’s obvious that the enemy invested in a lot more resources than you. Then you expect that the game will favor you? Really?


step 1 , make a blacksmith, research siege building by infantry, step two make infantry and a few rams, then break walls.

Just make a ram w/ siege engineering… Just like you needed to react from the wall. Now they NEED to react from your attack.

The entire game doesn’t need to change to suit your game style. Your game style needs to change.


I worded it poorly.

I was essentially saying that the person with the keep deserves to win in that exchange. If they don’t see the springald in their view range and move the treb then in addition to the resource difference there would also be a skill difference to weigh in.

It is one thing for turtling to be a viable strategy and another for it to last a long time over time.

Taking the map should be rewarded, the turtle strategy should be limited in time.

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hahahah removed??? are you for real??! just bring 2 bombards and any wall is so over! they are so weak! they are barely for decoration, they should have around 10000 HP to be at least useful, atm they are toy walls

It is only to see the cost of the stone walls and the bombards to explain their effectiveness (although they can be rebuilt relatively easy and the opponent can have springalds), unless you want the stone walls to be triple as expensive.

the bombards are effective but they occur when there are already a lot of walls and keeps xd


I think we rather need a sequel that reworks the siege concept.
So go with new ideas into new game like AoE5 r age of mythology 2.

A dream RTS would be to vastly advance the base build mechanics and greatly overwork the siege , capture and destroy idea of building and infrastructure.

Like in stronghold, where you could design each layer of the walls,
traps and ambushes from Ancestor Legacy,
garrison core buildings like in American Conquest, so your soldiers can go inside and capture them.

Walls & keeps are nerfed too much and I don’t see the same issue with them. Just build siege units among your other units, and the walls & keeps go downs o easily.

In my opinion the walls & keeps need either a buff or a rework, because atm they are not worth the cost, and people whine because they probably only go with armies without siege in it.

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Relic thought Medieval sieges are tanks xD
Soldiers used to throw torches instead of attacking them xD
And the siege units have 1000000% accuracy. Except for Trebuchet. And that takes away a lot of fun.

Yep, those are great features to have!
Instead, Relic reduced the existing AOE features and mechanics…
And now we got this incomplete AOEIV

With patience and arguments, changes come

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