Walls are bugged: Units randomly passing right through them

A little while ago, I was having an Arena game with a buddy, Incas v Mayans. I was afraid of possible Siege Tower/Petard use to get Plumes into my base so I built a second layer of stone walls inside my base to secure myself. Later on I accidentally led one of his Plumes into my base with a vil I tried forwarding. A bit later the Plume went right up against my second layer of walls and then ran right through a section of them, as seen in this short clip I recorded.

I had to record this with my phone’s camera. Apologies for the quality; my six year-old laptop struggles to run anything else when DE is running.


I have each section of that Stone wall + gate selected to highlight that it wasn’t because of some kind of overchop from trees or anything similar; it was all wall.

I know a few patches ago, this would happen with units and walls. Either it wasn’t fully fixed or this most recent patch re-introduced the issue. Either way, can this please be looked at?

i know if you tell a unit to go somewhere, then teleport the unit in the scenario editor, it ca bypass walls to get to where you wanted it to go, that should be fixed too