Walls are weak or siege is too op

Lately I’ve felt like theres no use in building walls and spending time accruing stone because the trebuchets, bombards and siege things just blow them away in seconds…

What is it then?? How do you counter all those quickly if they are sooo powerful??? imo siege is still an unbalanced thing in this matter… A big stone wall cant be taken down in seconds… I know its a game I KNOW… so siege should be more expensive?? not so op against walls? walls with more hp??? idk… what do you think??’

(and please let us join walls to the allies… that’s a must)

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That is true in the imperial age, but the idea is not to extend the games to more than 35 minutes
Support your claims with data

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Well, I think you should have some cavalry on standby to deal with siege. Depends on your opponent. AI it’s easy just run around the invading force with the cavalry and attack from behind, which will be attacking the siege units first. If it’s a human opponent, draw their army in by starting a counterattack (supported by your walls/ towers, their units will move away from the siege, then do a cavalry charge from another angle. And then you also get anti-siege units, and tower upgrades that specially deal good damage to siege, if in range though. This is just an oversimplified reply to possible options you have. If you are just going to let enemy siege attack your walls and you don’t have any plans in place on how to deal with them, then your walls will fall.

And yes, in real life breaking down a wall took a long time, like sieges could last days to weeks, even months. But so did building a wall/ castle, which took years. AoE4 addresses the time it took to build things with the silhouettes that appears when you build something, that is supposed to represent months going past, but then obviously it’s still an RTS, so it’s just a little nod to it.

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