Want to create a workaround for the no medal custom campaign bug

Since this wretched bug isn’t going to be fixed any time soon, I want to create a mod to circumvent this, in mechanics not in practice.

See I know the unit stats are in the Empire2.dat file. I’m thinking of using a unit the AI never uses, the petard, which would cover most scenarios (castle being a big thing). Do something crazy like give the petard 10,000 hitpoints, cost 6 food and 2 gold (90% discount) and is made in three seconds, so you can go into a scenario and replace the regular Empire2.dat with the ‘cheat’, get the broze medal on the sceen, and if you want to play the scenario right again (almost certainly with traditional save and reload), you can play again and then quick victory it by petard spam.

Thing is IR Winner doesn’t just not give a medal, it basically precludes you from ever getting that medal. And that has been sucking the fun out of custom scenarios for months and well, if the devs won’t fix this problem, it’s time to get creative.

So, how do I open the .dat files and make the modifications? Just keep in mind I want to use this as a very dirty bug fix, not an actual cheat

Replacing the DAT file for the base game can very easily run into issues, including the game being much more likely to crash, or not doing what you expect it to. I would advise against it.

I’m aware, and I’m prepared to take the risk. Besides, it’ll be a swap job…take the old one out, rename it. pop the new one in, win, reverse.

In the worst all I need is verify the the Steam files, get it right back.

I play a heavily modded New Vegas. I expect crashes every 15 minutes. It’s the price of admission, and rebooting doesn’t take that long.

Granted if I were playing MP, that would be a real concern, but this is only going to be a swap for SP custom campaigns.