Wanted to play a game after some time off. Where did the maps go?

It seems there is only 7 maps in 1vs1 Matchmaking. Why? I am kinda discouraged to play.
Anyway, how does it work now then? do they shuffle the map pool every month or something?

Match making 1v1 has indeed just 7 maps. Every 2 weeks maps will be shuffled. Arabia and Arena are fixed. Two are picked by the devs. The other three are based on community voting.

Next to matchmaking you also have the lobby. There you can host all maps.

Sad… it was much better before. With all the maps pretty much in the pool.

What? There have never been more than 9 maps in the pool.

Looks like you are looking for the lobby. Like i said: You can host your own games with own settings and pick all the maps you want. That is like how it was on HD.

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