War elephant should be count as siege unit

War elephant available at castle age but most civs don’t have enough method to counter it at same age.
especially in some map that only have one way in like black forest and French pass. When Delhi occupied holy place and build wall on it. Basically they could hold holy place for 10mins with wall and elephant. Cuz they have more golds and can build wall by military unit. Even once you break it, They could rebuild it immediately. Also, they could put their elephant back behind the wall if elephant about to die, Scholar could heal it fast and no mana limits. Just like rolling a snowball keeping gain advantages. Even you rush in to age 4 to build cannon, basically you would run out of time for this.

In this case I strongly recommend that war elephant should be recognize as siege unit, so ballista could damage it.

no, it’s castle.
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hard disagree, elephants are very expensive, delhi upgrades are a pain making them a bit difficult to get resources started, and u could just use cheap infantry to kill elephants (dont use horses)

Yep, sure u could mass spear man, but they may also mass archer and catapult to against your spear man, especially when they beside the wall.

just get good.

I struggle early game as delhi, and elephants should only really be considered a threat if they are attacking your buildings, i dont see how its an issue as a defense. u could just walk around those slow things and attack their base or if u need to get through a wall then just use trebuchet and micro to stay away from elephants since they are slow.

I agree about ur mention to rebuild the walls with infantry could pose a threat, but ur headline is about the elephants and i really dont see them as fearsome in the way u described, 10 minutes is a very long time and there is a lot more of the map that u could be attacking from to get to their landmarks instead.

even if they are strong on certain maps, i think thats just balanced because theres a variety of maps.

Delhi elephants in castle age are literally all it has going for it. With Springald nerfs, it’s finally viable to make elephants now.

And you want springalds to be effective against them again? Lol.