War stories!

Share stories of your favorite beta games here! We can’t play, but I think it’d be fun to share some of our favorite victories and losses here. I’ll start with one of mine:

I played an interesting game as Chinese where I was hit in early Feudal with horsemen. I built the 2nd Feudal landmark to unlock the special crossbow archers and to build villages. When I was being hit hard and I commanded vills to “seek shelter” I discovered that villages can hold garrisons of villagers! Life saver. I was able to minimize the damage taken using the villages and a few strategic outposts.

I built a blacksmith and got the tech to build siege equipment. I hid in the stealth forests near the front of the enemy base to build a handful of rams, then pushed in with rams, spears, and Chu-ko-nu (forgive the aoe2 spelling). I took down the construction of his castle landmark and then focused down the tc. The special archers tore through his horsemen, and the game was won.

This was one of my fav games since so many of the seemingly niche mechanics actually worked out in my favor. 2nd Chinese landmark, the questionable unique archers, the use of stealth forests…It felt good! The only thing that could have made that match more epic would have been a clutch wololo conversion. That is something I still haven’t pulled off.

How about ya’ll? Grab a pint, relax, and share your war stories here :slight_smile:

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