Warchiefs Civs

Why weren’t they so popular with the fanbase? I never see anyone using them online

Actually I think a lot of people really like them. The reason they aren’t used frequently online is because they are low-economy civilizations and their play-styles aren’t flexible. They have to get damage done early in the game or they fall behind too quickly. This means they’re forced to rush. A lot of people don’t like to play against that, and it’s also very predictable.


Aztecs is my favorite civ

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Why do they have a low eco? Any of them worth learning?

they’re all worth learning, in my opinion. They’re fun, they have strong units, and many unit shipments. This means they’re competitive throughout the early and mid games. They’re all low-eco, but only Sioux is totally abysmal in the late game.

Low eco stems from simple lack of economic advantage that most civilizations are granted in some form. french get cdb, german settler wagons, dutch banks, brits manor houses, etc. They also don’t get as many food and gold collection upgrades from the market. They also don’t get factories or any other non-villager collection supplement. Lastly, (with the exception of aztecs) they have to commit a certain portion of their economy towards their firepits, which means they collect with fewer villagers at max.

Iroquois actually has one of the best economies in Treaty games! They can get the highest score in TR40+

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How is that? How do they even do that

They’ve got a good cow boom, 119 vills and Fur Trade. You can get 3000+ at 40 mins if you are good at livestock micro.