Warning system is too quiet about your villagers getting decimated in your base

Since S3 update, change of the warning system, it happens way too often that many players, including me, (but Ive seen many others, who don’t play 10 hours a day), have NO CLUE that HALF of their villagers, i mean like 30 villagers in 15th minute or so, are all dying to like 2 knights in the back of the base, while you are focusing on battle in front of your base. The system almost doesn’t notify about it. I don’t know why, I don’t know how the system really decides what to inform you about and what not.

I just want a button in settings, that when I enable it, every-single-villager dying anywhere on the map will be screaming, no matter where I’m looking, I want to hear that loud scream which they sometime do when they are attacked (lol I don’t know what they are saying during it, since I play mostly abba)

Does it happen to you guys too? That you don’t notice your economy being killed? That one SeekShelter button would solve everything, but insteadm you lost half economy to some 2 enemy units and the game is just lost for you?


OK I’m stupid, I watched my replays, I had “speech volume” turned off, because I was sick of all the units talking the same voice lines for a millionth time. That explains why I wasn’t hearing the screams.

But still, I was examining how often the system warns about villagers dying, and there are BIG time gaps, where the system doesn’t care. It notifies a bit, at the beginning, for a specific area. But then, 15 of your villagers will die to 2 knights before the system notifies you again that they are dying there.

And still I would want the screams to play no matter where I’m looking.

i too lowered my speech volume, what speech are we expecting when we get attacked actually? i was more expecting a simple war horn.

yeah ive observed there’s notification delay, even when your scout finds an enemy (such as running into a tc) the notification is just too late…

villager getting attacked should indeed trigger some sort of sound effect of getting slashed each hit globally

I don’t know if it is down to the system or the sound itself, likely a combination of both, but I find myself struggling to pick up on these notifications. Sometimes a notification will go off, and I will be a bit too late to react, by the time I look for it on the map, it is already gone–whatever is happening, is just gonna keep happening til the next notification.

Thing is, I never struggled with this in AoE2. I feel their sound notification did a better job, which is curious as there is currently an available Cheat in AoE4 that allows you to use that sound. It is unfortunately a cheat and thus cannot be used in actual games for some reason–please make this a setting, I would love to use the old sound.

aoe2 did a better job at just about everything and that was 20 years ago… you could even save multiplayer games and continue from that point if someone drops … but you know it was an entirely different studio back then.

i think aoe4 concept has potential but has to be better directed than it currently is.

It used to notify much more often, but everyone complained because it was a nuisance. So they increased the time gap between repeat notifications.

This is where an option would have been nice.

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Well yes, because it was alerting you every few seconds about your stone gate being hit by an arrow from castle, but it didn’t mean that alert for villagers being killed should be reduced so much along with it.

I agree, there has to be a special sound for villagers dying

And also, I think shooting arrows that do 1 damage to building should never create an alert.
When your khan is going around enemy base, or a group of your mangudais, they automatically shoot even a lumber camp, and everything along the way, alerting enemy that you are incoming, when you wanted to come silently.

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for me, if villagers are dying, it should make some slashing sound
if buildings are getting hit, there should be background fire sound
and if there’s some army vs army war going on, then we should have that battle horn.


That makes the most sense of all.

Simple solution! Devs should just use the same sound effect when a villager gets attacked by a wolf (minus the wolf)

100% agree, a trick I do is press in attack a distant thing, that way in the travel between that thing and you, if they pass near buildings or whatever they will not shoot and alert.

But 100% agree mangudai shouldn’t shoot at buildings, they do a shit damage and all they do is alerting.

Yes notifications are pretty bad. Somehow if the stupid wolves attack the whole world even outside the game notices them because on top of the notification spam (seems to spam more for wolves than for palyers’ attacks) no matter what you are looking at you were villagers shouting across the map. I believe the amount of irrelevant notifications makes players unconsciously ignore many important ones both in solo and in team and especially in team games. It is very easy for your ally to assume you are being harrassed by an enemy scout when it is in fact a serious rush so he has to develop the habit of checking all notifications to make sure they are not serious ones…

Also somehow in contrast to wolves, it is very easy not to notice a notification (if there is any in the first place) when a trebuchet hits your stone wall from the fog of war.