Warning - Too Many Players

A friend gets this error, “Your computer does not support games with more than 4 players (whether human or AI).” And if he tries a game like that it crashes to desktop before loading fully. He was going to get a graphics card, but I was wondering if the cpu could be a problem too, he says it’s i7 4th generation, maybe seven years old.

So an old CPU and no dedicated GPU? Yeah, safe to assume it’s his system that’s the problem.

The game runs fine on my 2500K, which is an even older CPU.
No dedicated GPU may be a problem, though.
Maybe also a RAM issue?

A friend of mine has an i3-4th gen, 8GB ram, but his laptop has a dedicated gpu, and we could play fine 4v4 vs AI, maybe the GPU is your problem.

You can try to scale the game resolution down a little bit.

He got a 1030 and can play fine now, so it was just the GPU as you guys suspected, thanks.