WARNING Virus spotted by Avast after update for AoE2DE

I trapped the virus, reinstalled and virus was detected again. Stopped and did a backup if I need to clean up any viral damage sustained by playing the game.Don’t know if this is bogus, but please use caution with update 35584. Thanks for reading!

Obviously a false positive. This is Steam we are talking about, not some unkown server


Avast is far more malicious to your PC than AoE2 ever will be, lol.


I tried Avast once in the past and had huge problems with gaming so uninstalled it.

I use Avira instead and have no problems.

There is a reason Avast is free, they need to give it away it free for people to use it that how bad the product is, I don’t trust free products, let once ones that suppose to protect you, everything has a cost, were legal or illegal, taxed, or worked, it cost you something.

Plus after reading this post I did a run of the build anyway and my machine and its clean, so I highly doubt Avast is being accurate or is but not from the build but you got something else going on.