Warrior Monk should not auto attack

Rus Warrior monks engage enemy units at a crazy far range. If I have my whole army behind my walls all grouped up and the enemy rolls up to the walls the warrior monk is the first one who notices and runs out the gate before everyone else and gets slaughtered. Warrior monks should act like monks and just hang out and heal unless ordered to attack, or are attacked themselves. Their primary function should still be healing, if they are auto attacking everything within 12 tiles they never heal anybody and just end up dead because they are the first into battle. Seems like the easiest fix would be to remove auto attack on them all together and make it so they auto heal instead.

On a similar note, monks who receive an “attack move” order should instead “heal move”, healing the closest units to them and moving forward with the rest of the group. Right now they just march right on through the battle if they are grouped with other units. I usually keep my monks in a separate control group to deal with that but it would be convenient if they would just stay behind the troops like a support unit.

Loving the game, keep up the good work!

You can use the stand ground function so they don’t do that. But it would be nice to command warrior monks to focus on healing or attack

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Yes you could for sure do that, but then they would also just stand there not healing anyone. So their effectiveness is still very limited and as soon as you give them a new order they go right back to charging into battle and dying because they are (correctly) made of paper. I just think the easiest solution is stop them from auto attacking so that they default to healing but can be ordered to attack when need be.

Thanks, all! This is behavior we have identified as not strictly ideal during internal tests. It’s on our radar.

If you use stand ground they will heal/attack anything in range anyway and also you kinda want them to attack since they buff your army. But yea this type of unit need some work since attacking always make them to go into middle of fight or under the building and after it starting healing.

I think warrior monks should have a toggle where you can set them to be mainly a healer or to be a fighter and when you attack move they’ll either heal if they’re in the healer toggle and attack if they’re in the fighter toggle. This should solve that issue as they should have a huge radius to see who is low hp


Awesome, glad to know your thinking about it, and thanks for letting us know. Keep up the good work!

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