Warrior Monks

Hey folks,

so I recently started playing Rus more. And I seem to have some issues understanding the warrior monk.
Of course I primarily want my monks to heal or collect relics.
But apparently the warrior monks don’t function as a healer in battle at all. Is it possible to toggle wether they attack or heal?
Or is their aura buff considered so strong that I should be fine without heal?
I often feel like my opponents or team mates armies seem to survive longer with “regular” monks.

I really like that unit and the Landmark, so can anyone give me hints on how to use them effectively?

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They are the only monk with combat capabilities making Rus outclass anyone in a relic snatch because they can just kill the other monk, archer, wolf, or whatever and take off with the relic.

If they also healed it would make mass warrior monks insanely strong.

The passove buff they apply as well makes them very good to mix in with your army.

The only civs that really uses monks in combat other than Rus are Dheli and sometimes HRE.

Dheli gets a TON of buffs to them, plus thr high health elephant units just combo naturally with them.

HRE do get buffs to military with prelates but it’s a castle age research and is used in pretty niche situations/longer games

  • Check that automatic healing is enabled.
  • Start the fight (get the buff).
  • Step back a little the warrior monks you want to be acting as healers.
  • Hold position with them.

Edit. You can also manually target to heal a unit.

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Holding position with a portion of them seems like a great idea, I will try that! Thanks.

It would be cool to add a switch between healer mode and combat mode yes