Warrior priest training has been nerfed?

I feel that is too slow now, also I think that fencing school doesnt works

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you can check the spawn time on the UI to see if it has been nerfed

i dont think fencing school has ever worked for priest right? its a different spawn mechanic

I always sent fencing school, was better because it effected train time of priests, warriors and the explorer.

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I know but Idk if its bugged or is intended

Fencing school affects the generation of WP, warriors and WC of the community square.

If it was nerfed, thank god, it was very broken.


I can agree with warriors but not about priests, Now it takes centuries to get 10. Before you say send 3WP, its not worth it on treaty

I just tested it. Looks like Fencing School card for Aztecs is no longer affecting:

  1. Warriors spawning time
  2. Warrior Priest spawning time (both are Infantry)

Not sure about 1. (it could be deliberate change). But 2. is definitely a bug. This card does not make sense now as it is still not affecting Coyotes, ERK and Skull Knights. Now it becomes also worthless for WP boom.
@gmenyhart Can you please comment on that?

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Hello, thanks for your reports. This is an intended balance change. That is all that I will be able to share at this time.

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