Was the AI actually stronger in the Open Beta?

I was wondering about if they nerfed the AI for the current versions significantly, or we just got so much better with the game…
I must admit, I am not the strongest player (around 980 ELO atm). But still the hardest AI poses no challenge whatsoever, I’m pulling away in score from the beginning till the end of a skirmish match, and unless I go away for a minute, AI has no chance of winning. And this consistently, no matter what map or civ…

This is not about bragging my skills… I go to a 1v1 quick match, and quickly learn that my skills are nothing special :smiley:

Then I think back, that in the open beta, I had some really fun and challenging AI games, where AI was playing the mongols, and it was doing some impressive micro pulling away buildings and hiding them in different corners of the map. Right now, mongol AI sits there waiting to be dealt with…

So, I am not sure, if this is just a bias in my perception, or the all the AI models got actually nerfed for the release?
In this second case, if the devs have the stronger AI models already, please add the to the game. It would be great to have an actual challenge in the skirmish games. I want to improve my skills, test against different strategies… I understand that intermediate levels might need different parameters, but at least on harder AI levels, it should somehow match up with some average human player.

At the moment, the AI is broken and is not very dangerous, except that in the last patch it improved a little.

The answer is yes.

The ai has been nerfed, to allow players to win against it.

It was a game decision, that was also implemented in other age of empire games.

The ai will try to always figth whit a army, that barely win a figth, insted of going all in.

It’s either bugged or nerfed it lacks any challenge sadly