Watching Recorded Games


I downloaded a recorded game from and it was in a .rar. I copied it to desktop and tried to open with Media Player but it failed. How can I open it?

Because it’s not video, you must copy the file on saved replays and watch it from the game. I don’t remember location, so I will paste it from Steam discussion.

Open the Game;
From main menu>saves and replays>save games tab> open save game folder

Copy the file there and maybe reload the replays by returning back to main menu then opening it again or restarting game needed.

From; thanks DMg Halt

Thank you! It worked.

Also keep in mind that currently, once an update comes out for the game, you won’t be able to watch any prior recorded games that were made before the update.

Here’s hoping that the capture age team is making something that will fix that in the near future :slight_smile: