Water balance is a joke (China rant)

Lost a match as HRE vs China. First I thought he might have had a better eco in some way, though it was hard to believe because I went for Reignitz with 3 Relics and was in control of sacred sites for quite some time.
Then I checked the replay and couldn’t believe it. He was 1 TC the whole time didn’t make use of more than 1 imperial officer who collected tax. No increased dropoff or anything. The first battles went back and forth, since he was on 1 TC he had a bigger ship army at the beginning, however he rushed to IMP and made Baochuans.
Fine I thought, I was able to defend with shore defenses like castles and towers and since I had 3 relics + much stronger eco and 1 sacred site active + 1 relic in my docks, he should run out of resources.
I went to IMP and made my own lategame ship Carracks. Even though I had far more resources and several times more ships than him it was impossible to beat his ship army. Sometimes he retreated a bit away from my shorelines, because they were fortified with bombards etc. but I couldn’t push him fast enough because he just made a few more Baochuans.

When sacred site victory came close he landed multiple times with ground army on the little islands in the middle and lost all of the units because of my fortifications. So he even was behind in population space. So now even though he landed a fail army of like 30 Knights and also came in between my 2 fortified islands with towers/castles + my Carrack ship armada he didn’t lose many ships.
Eventually I ran out wood and already bought a ton of wood from the market to get more carracks out (remember I had 1100(1200)g/min!) with 4x relics and 1-2x sacred sites.

Meanwhile he still has a lot of wood left as well as goldmines, still sat on 1 TC till the end of the match.
And now that my wood completely ran out he just drives between my 2 fortified islands and kills all with those Baochuans.

The balancing is a complete joke. How can someone with such a weak eco win a game just because he has a better ship in imperial age?
I had 1000g/min, far more resources gathered on my island than him AND made use of towers/castles with all upgrades in almost every fight.
I also had a relic in one of my docks for 5% faster attack speed. So as a chinese just go 1 TC spam ships go to imp and auto win? Balancing at its best. But what did I expect when we have feudal age hulks from the french. Cant believe something like this makes it out of the testing phase.

Meanwhile he doesn’t even bother to get 20% additional resources from his officers, and barely did he bother to make new resources drop off points for his wood gathering who ran 4 house tiles to drop it off. Oh and of course he didn’t get any dynasty bonuses. Why would he right? Just spam 1 ship and autowin the game, who needs proper macro or other skills.

Yeah, ming dynasty+baochuan is the strongest warship in the game. (highest hp+highest dps).