Water balance sugestions

Hi all,

I want to start by saying i still love the water changes and i am still having loads fun wirh it. That being said I have encountered a few balance issues that I would like to discuss.

  • firstly I believe springald ships at the moment are not very effective against arrowships. Springald ships seem to do ok in the early game, but once arrowships are in big numbers they trade almost evenly against springald ships.

  • another suggestion would be to reduce the cost of naval arrowslits. This tech right now is too expensive, specially early and majority of times it’s not affordable. Making it slightly cheaper would make things like early rus timing easier to hold and would also make coming back after loosing water a bit easier.

  • As for individual civ balance although there are civs that have clear advantage over others, I won’t say much here as season 3 has just begun, also I believe feedback was probably given on that regard by players much better than I am.

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