Water maps as Delhi

Hi, I’m… kinda lost for words.

I’m playing 100% Delhi, and even after the big nerf + countless bugs, there are still ways to win most games with enough efforts.

But here’s the thing ; I’ve played around 30+ water maps with this civ (full water), my elo is ~1400, and I’ve literally won none of them, 0 / 30.
I tried lots of different strategies, really putt my heart into it, but it feels just undoable at the moment.

Except for probably the Abassid Dynasty, every other civ simply has better ships than mine, which snowballs into constant win for them.

It’s probably just another rant, but how come they designed specific civs ships to simply be worst than the others, how could it make sense as a design choice ?

But, in a more constructive manner ; how could we have different ships, unique for each civs, but still balanced ? Is it actualy an unsolvable issue ?

True, I also only play Delhi even after the heavy nerfs in the last patch and when you get water maps is just a free defeat for Delhi.

All other civilizations will counter your civilization in water maps and the upgrades take YEARS so your boats have nothing to do.

Another main problem that I found was the incompatible gold expense on both costly boats and elephants on water maps were there’s tend to be only one gold mine in your island or two max