Water maps with lots of fish and no marine waypoint are not a good design

Like what do you expect us to do? Make a marine deck without ships? Or pick a land deck without schooner? For those 3 maps that have that, just annoying tbh


Perhaps on these maps it would be good to start with a dock cart.

Maybe there could be infinite fishing sources since the whales would not make sense. (instead of coins, they would be food).

…Or maybe the villagers could fish using rods or fishing nets with of range between 10 or 15 maybe (?). And there could be new improvements on the market for this. All AOEs have this mechanic that villagers can fish from the shore, except AOE-3. It would be nice if this came back.

These lakes are completely ignored the vast majority of the time, but could be fixed by implementing some new mechanics.


Well i think the optimal way to play this is still going dock but with some important water cards, but without ships. Fishboom is pretty cheap and effective either way so yeah. BUt most people wont bother, because they pick land maps and play land anyway.
With a mappool of 25 maps (it feels like) i cant prepare a deck for every possible map and game mode and stay sane