Water rework is awesome!

Devs are working on that though, they are planning to buff trade, which is actually decent now so we will defo see more of that.
As for universal units that is how the devs designed the game in the first place as it is good for competitive game and to balance the civs, there is no need for every unit to be unique, its not that units look exaclty the same like in aoe2, so we just gotta accept it and move on. And again if you dont like it then just play another game

And they have said same thing with other stuff. Like “we got plans for this and that” and then they minor change that doesn’t really solve the problem at all and call it day. There is no reason to take devs word that they going to do something other than keep them identical. Paired with the things like they constantly over nerf things.

Trading has always been insanely profitable especially civs with early bonuses for it. Issue is not that its not worth doing. Issue is the amount of area you have to cover up to keep them safe. There is so easy solution for this. Cap the income to x amount of gold and reduce max distance so its easier to defend and start. Price of making traders or how much they deliver isn’t the big issue the risk is too high, but they reduced the cost and training time which doesn’t solve problem

So far the devs have delievered on what they said they would do. You could argue that at launch, but not now when the game has improved so much.
I agree with you on trading though. Its certainly better than what it was before, but I don’t think its enough yet to compete with 2tc, I would like for it to be more of a viable option too.

Except they have literally been doing everything they say they are doing? Where have you been?

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“we have plans for FL” but yet none of those plans included fixing the unit itself or the issues around it. If you got something that is broken and putting bandaid on it won’t solve the problems.

“we have more plans for dynasties” and nothing happened.

Its been close to year since prof scouts were nerffed to ground and not single step were taken to make it more viable tech but the survival tech has received multiple buffs yet no one wants to pick it because its dogshit tech to pick begin with.

Siege was first nerffed to ground and when that wasn’t enough they made the rework which is now literally the cause to most of the problems where its too easy to boom and siege is not balanced atm at all. Which was completely untouched and left to die. For example siege as of rn is either too easy to kill or close to impossible to kill without siege and the idea behind the rework was to give more options to deal with siege, but because all you have to do is get 5-10 trebs and sit top of them with couple of outposts / keeps making them impossible to kill without siege. There is also other issues like trebs outranging bombards or culverins too heavily and they just buffed mongol trebs rofl.

Same with trading. The issue never was the price or training time of traders especially when the return was and still is ridiculous. Issue is that players cant defend the trade route so the issue is not the price or training time, but the how much distance needs to be covered to make it somewhat safe those the changes they did, were for nothing. So how many patches till they realize that the issue wasn’t the price or training time?

Fishing is still mandatory. Less than in past but if you don’t contest water then you’re more certainly going to lose because how good it is, yet they didn’t address this with water rework. And if something docks are now harder to kill than they were in the past. Especially with land units if opponent got couple of archer ships so skipping water and quickly going to burn their doc isn’t great tactic anymore. Plus the vision doc gives is now a lot more than before.