Water Suggestion Thread From Water Players

Hey, this thread is created in order to give constructive feedback on water based on the experience and suggestions of competitive water players in this game.

First of all, DE has done great with adjustments to the water mechanics, water fights are more fair and more balanced now (expect for dutch and sioux possibly?), but unfortunately we can’t say the same about the booming aspect that’s mainly because some civs lack schooners which is a strong disadvantage overall and making the water boom worth only for a few civs.

What could be done?

  • Adding Schooners Shipment for all civs, so that the boom will not become a thing just for a few civs but for all.

Water is also one of the controversial side of aoe3, it’s always have been different for some players, so that nerfs were harsh on water. But when we compare the amount of resources on water, it’s roughly reduced by %50 on DE compared to the legacy game, and when both players are contesting on water boom, it’s just not possible to get a reasonable boom going on because the resources on water is reduced by a lot, so that when both players are on water, neither of them benefits from it at all. Also Whale amount is generally 4, while there are 4 possible upgrade card to ship for them, this means the investment doesn’t actually pay off on water.

What could be done?

Increasing the amount of resources on water maps overall (this one is especially essential since currently the water resources are not that enough)

Another issue is that water resources are not distributed fairly in most of the maps, in order to solve this issue, water resources should be distributed fairly for both sides.

Water maps are far from balanced.
Ports right now get a free win each time there is a water map.
They buffed the civ but they had never considered the implications that it could have on their water boom which was already op enough.
I really don’t like the fact that tcs can do so much damage to warahips as it pretty much means they don’t need to invest on any towers or too many ressources warships of their own when their water is under attack.

Also inca chincha rafts really need some revision as well because that unit is completely broken.
When fully upgraded they destroy euro warships and can easily nuke any antiships building you have on the shore

Hard to agree with the statement, because in the particular example you gave, ports lose atleast half of it’s matchups even on water.

Ports are not actually buffed, indeed we can rather call it as an adjustment because the nerf to goon ranged resistance, nerf to the mameluke shipments were quite impactful for the balance of the ports, so that cassador needed to have a little bit change and the %5 food gathering bonus added accordingly aswell.

Tc’s should do the damage than they do currently, otherwise it would be quite easy to kill buildings with warships nearby shore.

I agree, Chincha rafts require further adjustment, hopefully something will be done about it on the future.

How come half of the match ups are even on water?
People complain about sweden when you can easily see ports on water have an eco that is even more broken and its even harder to punish since they can get the tc on shore and defend land with town militia.

For once, this thread is not opened based on oen civ but as a general change suggestion which means all civs but not only ports.

the information is inaccurate and not the subject of this topic. However, I will answer it, ports on water can be punished by most of the civs at the competitive level, that’s probably only dutch and sioux which struggles dealing at not only against ports but water fights overall, and again, this thread is created for general water changes, not based on one civ. If you have particular interests about a civ’s balance, you can also create a thread about it, but this thread is not the correct place for it.

It is rather easy to deny fishing even with extensive shore fortification, unlike torps.


Why dutch struggle vs water? they don’t have the best age 3 shipement for that?

They struggle vs ports water like any other civ apart from inca. Against other civs they do really well to be fair
But I see what he means by dutch struggling vs water since they need to get their banks up and can only start contesting water once he hits age 3

That’s inaccurate, anti-water is rewarded for most of the civs, and ports aren’t dominating in water fights, and again, please keep the discussion based on water rather than talking about spesific civs.

Agree, but unfortunately dutch anti-water strat’s arent widely discovered yet, but dutch should have potential to be a good anti water civ aswell, need more tests on it.

It takes 700w to build 2banks, which is the price of making 10 Fishing Boats without using the Schooners card. But the Dutch need a lot of wood. houses, barrack(or stable), market, wall if necessary, etc.

Of course, if they don’t build a bank, they can go to the water, But if they do, they don’t have to play the Dutch. I assure that, it is a strategy that can never be implemented even if the bank becomes cheaper.

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First of all, I would like to point out that the card for water is too powerful and the fishing boat is too cheap. They can also easily hold large numbers through multiple docks. I think one of the good ways is to make boats consume food or gold and consume a total of 100 resources, or it would be good to make a boat need 2 or more pops.

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Currently, only a few civs are capable of booming, if we were to make fishing boats more expensive, that means the water would be completely irrelevant in the competitive era. Water boom in fact, is overrated when we consider the factor of both players are relying on it. But when one player gives the water away for free, then it’s becoming a problem but it’s generally not the case in the competitive level, that said, the amount of resources on water should be increased to a better amount in terms of increasing the popularity of water because currently it’s not that effective to go water boom with most civs.

Most of the battles take place on land, and no matter how many fishing boats there are, it makes no sense if you can’t defend the land. Water is a bonus concept and cannot be a major battlefield unless an island is added to the competitive map.

Not all civilizations have access to water, so fishing boat’s work rate or cost must be nerfed, and water dependent civs must be buffed accordingly. (ex Port)

I think that mostly represents your opinion when considering how the game is currently played,

That shouldn’t be the case in an RTS game atleast half of the maps contain water, and if one player completely ignores water, it should be as same as ignoring land. Otherwise it would just look as a biased opinion.

Almost all civs can consest on water, fishing boats already don’t work at very high gathering rate, so that an additional nerf does not make a reasonable sense especially when there isn’t enough resources on water.

Also, when 2 players are facing against each other on water, it’s just becoming an all in game because of water not having sufficient resources, which ends up with all in fight games and should not be the case for a competitive game. Hopefully this will be taken into consideration and the %50 nerf to resources on water will be reversed a little bit

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