Water terrain looks totally messed up on Explored maps

Game Version:

  • Build: 101.101.32911.0 4395365
  • Platform: Steam


Water terrain looks totally messed up if “Reveal Map” is set to “Explored” but none of your units have actually scouted the area yet. This is a serious gameplay issue because it makes some inland ponds impossible to see unless you scout them with a unit or look on the minimap.

Furthermore, it seems like all unscouted land terrain shows up as grass, even if it is actually desert.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start a 1v1 game against an AI on Coastal, with “Reveal Map” set to “Explored”.
  2. Scroll or click on the minimap in order to view an area of the map that has water.
  3. I’d expect to see primarily blue colors in the water terrain, but instead I see green-blue and a ring of solid green a file tiles away from the coast.

The desert area and the good-looking water in the screenshot below are the areas that I scouted with my scout. Everything else is unscouted, but should be visible to me because the “Reveal Map” is set to “Explored”.

In the screenshot below, if you look on the minimap you can see that I am looking at a lake, but the lake is not visible at all. There are fish visible on the fake land though.


I can confirm I am seeing similar behavior with Team Islands and Explored. Grass is showing on the island borders (some with fish), but when you scout it, it changes to water. Also the same banding in open sections of water occurs.

Scouts you had one job

If you really want a laugh, check out Bog Islands. You don’t know where you can walk, unless you look for land-fish :smiley:

This issue also happens when researching cartography. Any exploration you gain that your ally previously scouted before you built your market, will look like this. And it’s not just water terrain. It’s ice terrain and maybe some others too

Yeah able to reproduce this issue on any explored map game.

i have the same problem too

It seems like this was fixed in the big recent December update.