Water zones bug movement paths when a building in water is destroyed

Game Version: 2.8.5288199

  • Build ((####))

Issue: Water zones bug movement paths when a building in water is destroyed.

When developing a scenario in the editor feature, I design a map where buildings appear in water. The problem occurs when playing the scenario; if the building is destroyed, the movement path for ships still follows around the zone where the buildings were. something causing a blockage for ships to get through. What I would expect is when the building is destroy is that new movement paths for water units to be created (as it works on land).

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Open Editor in game
  2. Choose a blank map and make a greek river suitable for moving 10 siege ships from one end to the other,
  3. Create 10 ramming ships at one end of the river for Player 1.
  4. Place any building(s) (I use Docks) as an obstruction in the river for enemy player 2
  5. Place a villager for player 2 somewhere on the map to avoid instant victory when playing scenario,
  6. Playtest scenario as player 1
  7. Move ramming ships to attack Building blocking path.
  8. When building is destroyed, try moving ramming ships as a group over the area where the building was.
  9. A blocked pathway still appears in water.

(Note: I believe Aegean Sea water doesnt have this problem)