Now that springalds are nerfed can Relic also nerf demo ships? Also they should balance water so it is equal to land economy, for us player that don’t like water, we should be in equally conditions as a player that goes water, docks in river doesn’t make any sense, if you don’t want to balance fishing then move it to tier 2, If you still think the game is perfect and everyone must do fishing even in maps with puddle, at lest give us the chance to ban those maps…


I agree 100%.

The player that goes water win 100% over the player that focus on land.
Water economy should be a slight advantage like deer over berries not something that makes you automatically lose the game if you decide to go land instead.

I suggest increasing fish boats cost to 100 wood and increase fishing boat build time as well. I do not think that is enough to balance water vs land economy, but it is at least a step in the right direction.

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Even if you want to go on water, you need to pick from a handful of civs, which is bs

I’ve always enjoyed water play. It just needs to be a bit balanced. It’s true though most competitive players dislike water maps.

Im not agreeing fully. Yeah its a huge advantage but there delaying them a bit. U can win with prof scout into a castle push or fuedal but when u dont contest water its always like a all in.

A second cheap tc will always be strong and seems like either it is made too expensive and people stop making docks altogether; or it will remain a priority even if further changes are made.

I would prefer more land maps and I guess we need the map pick and bans ASAP.

I definitely don’t like games with lots of ships on the small rivers. The traffic jam with ships looks ridiculous to me.

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reduce again ship for 60w but move docks for 2age.

Increase dock and fishing boat wood cost a smidge to make it feel like more of a risk reward choice and not am automatic must-build on hybrid.