Waypoints, fishing, resources questions. Whatis the optimal way to do that stuff?

Hey, I have a couple of questions of a very particular things I would like to know why or which way should you do them:

  • TC removed from group after the construction is finished. Whenever I add a TC while it is being built it is then removed from the group and I have to add it again. Is it the intended way it is supposed to work? What do you think about that because the other buildings don’t work like that
  • I am not able to waypoint villagers when building walls. Whenever I want to build one segment of wall and then send the villager to work or even worse to build a couple of segments that are too far away for the villager to finish them I am not able to waypoint it any reasonable way. I would like to shift click and drag one segment, then drag another segment and then send the villager to do another thing but if I want the villager to do that I Would have to shift click every single square of the wall so the villager does the tasks. Is there any was to shift click and build wall and then make the villager do another thing?
  • What is the best way to send villagers to build a Mining/Lumber camp in mid/late game? Should you select the villagers and just make them build the camp and let them assign themselves to the resource or should you shift click to build the camp and shift click the resource (As I observed the tend to bump a lot and do not distribute themselves very good on the different tiles of the resources (gold/stone especially)
  • How should you send for example 8-9 villagers to mine stone if you already have a mining camp built? A question related to the previous one. If you already have a mining camp and select 8 villagers and just click them to one tile of stone/gold they tend to bump a lot and all try to mine that particular tile. If you select all of them click tile, ctrl remove a couple send them to another tile, ctrl remove a couple you can distribute them quite well but I am not sure that you should be wasting that much time in mid/late game to optimize the eco.
  • Which villagers should you send to wall up? You are playing Arabia for example and want to wall up against scouts in feudal. Which villagers should you send to wall up? The build orders do not usually mention, that neither do take the walls and villagers lost mining time into account so you end up missing resources. I usually try to take one villager from berries (should be the slowest food source) and one from wood but I am not sure how should you make the decision and how do you adjust the build order for that?
  • If you are fishing deep sea fish on a water/hybrid map how far should you be letting them go before you start building fish traps . I rarely build fish traps when there are fish available but I am not sure if it is optimal.

Thanks to anyone who can help me with these things!

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Currently it is like that, I hope they can finally get this working.

I was hoping someone could answer your good questions

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You probably have more urgent things to do, so leave lumber micro for early game only; if you are sending a lot of villagers make two or more lumber/mining camps.
(and maybe you already know this but, all resources carried by villagers will stack to your pile once the economic building is built, mill, lumber/miningcamp, and Town Centers

edit: farms too!)

You are right!

Doesnt matter where you take them from, if thats gonna ruin your Build Order. Use common sense, dont wall half the map at min 8; different army from enemy and different game time requires different walling from you. Ask yourself, what Im walling against? do I wanna have the same walling for the rest of the game? If you feel like your feudal walling is taking too much resources then either go up with more villagers or commit less to walling and more to army. In team games, only game awareness and communication will save you from 2vs1 when playing big balls no walls.

I found this
Are Fish Traps Worth It in AoE 2? (SOTL)
Video is a little old.


Thank you very much!

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