Ways the Hussite Wagon could be changed

The Hussite Wagon is a cool unit. At least in theory. The problem with it, is how the small projectiles will fire if you fire the big one and then move the unit. I have two possible ideas on how to make the unit more enjoyable.

First Option:

The Hussite Wagon now only fires the main projectile at it’s primary target, either the one it is focus fired on, or the one it would naturally attack. It simultaneously fires the small projectile at 1-3 other targets in range, randomly selecting the number of minor projectiles for each shot. If there is only one valid target, it fires the main projectile, and a minor projectile at that target. That way, Hussite Wagons don’t have to worry about resetting the attack, and can fire on up to four units at once. I think that that could be a good solution, although some of the other numbers might need tweaking.

Second Option:

I definitely prefer the first option, but there could just be a maximum time limit of say, 10 seconds, after which the attack resets, and the next projectile fired will be the main one. This prevents the annoying situation where you kill a unit with the main projectile, and then your next projectiles are all the secondary and less effective minor projectiles.

What do people think?