Wc3 Style Map - Concept

It’d be cool to have a Wc3-style type of map generation in this game.

The concept is simple:

Add neutral camps on the map that you can fight over for resources.
For example: you have to kill Ornulu and 2 hunting wolves in exchange for 250 food.

Add mercenary camps that you can buy units from.
Example: 500 gold for one Genghis Khan
700 gold for one Sab, etc.

The point would be to give you something to do in dark/feudal age other than rushing or just booming.

All players would start with a barracks that can be used to start making units to take camps.

  • Mode might potentially work better with Empire Wars Settings rather than normal ones.

Other ideas welcome.

I’d make it myself, but I don’t know where to get started. Any help is appreciated.