We can expect a patch this week?

just a question, can we expect a balance patch this week PLZ, it is becoming unbearable in fact, there is more competitiveness in the game more fun nothing, it’s really, 6 months that we still have no obs btw (observe mode for watch match like AOE2), just angry because now it’s just unbearable, not to mention all the bugs that must be fixed (aka the ping by example), then plz a little communication to know if there is a balance patch this week or not or clearly personally I am leaving the game, its been 3 months since it is unplayable with spain swe port spamming in the qs and tourney seriously, NEED to watch the tournament matches and you will see how pissed off people are, watch the streams, the streamers are pissed off everyone is pissed off

sorry for my vocabulary but it’s a game I’ve been playing for 10 years so I’m sad because this game annoys me and all pro players quit the game for the same reasons, so it’s good to get out of the new civ it’s cool, but the balance, an obs, a stable game without random bug (pathing, the ping, hunt stuck in tc, cannon shooting etc) is also good

and just to say also, all the pro players leave its means no more stream no more animation no more tournaments in the future nothing, and therefore the game die yes after 8 months or 9


→ nerf Sweden
→ nerf Port (600 wood tc again, not the 100xp for new tcs, dont’ be able to have CM with every TC etc…)
→ nerf spain logistician
→ Show us if friends are online, and in game or not (it was in the 2005 game)
→ Nerf one or 2 things for Inca (Like huaracas, that’s acting like skirm and culv at the same time)

→ DON’T NERF any other civ for now.

→ And make ranked lobbies for Team and Treaty


nerf attack fishing boats

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There is no way the first african civs aren’t going to be op. Be prepared for the worst. Perhaps they will buff all the weaker civs a bit and leave the current crop of op alone in order to help the balance. I don’t think anyone will want to hear the accusations if the african civs get beat up by the old colonial powers in the game

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I also heard someone talk about rumors that Russia will receive a buff


Es algo obvio que deban haber ajustes (con respecto al logista español… creo que necesita ciertos ajustes, pero venga! fuera de ello España se desgasta bastante fácil, sus unidades únicas en su mayoría son cuerpo a cuerpo y arcaicas, algo bueno que tengan por lo menos xd)