We can no longer change the order of individual songs in the game

There is an option in the game to change up the playlist a little bit, but now the tracks are all compiled into a .bnk file so we cant move them around to where we see fit like in the HD edition files. Really disappointed in that :frowning_face:

That was never a feature. In the old versions (CD and HD) the soundtrack was stored as .mp3-files titles like “xmusicXX” with XX being the spot in the playlist. However, I’d like to have an ingame playlist selector where you can (un-)select certain songs.

If you renamed the individual files you could change the order they played in, it never was a feature but just something nice that you were able to do, but now that the music files are compiled together we cant do it.

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Actually we can, I modified music.bnk to bring back the old soundtrack. The problem is though that the mod manager cannot load .bnk files, I had to apply the modified files directly to the game folder.

What program did you use to mess with the .bnk file?

I used wwiseutil 1.1. I found an official guide for DE soundmodding: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1915891079