We DESERVE more official news about the game!

Hey people! First time posting here!

My English is a work in progress, sorry for any mistake.

Since Ubisoft announced Assassin’s Creed Origins, we can find hundreds of videos on YouTube presenting the gameplay, another hundred of articles with news about the game.

If we are going to wait, at least, the next six months for AOE: DE to be released, we need more official news about the game. Besides for those selected for the beta, the rest of us are leaved in the dark since the announcement of the Definitive Edition.

You know, I believe we deserve this attention from Microsoft, for been keeping this franchise alive for two decades and beyond. And we are here, needing to implore for more consideration of the company.

Let’s demand for gameplay videos, screenshots, articles and more!

With the delay of the release of the game we actually got some news so to speak: That the game right now still needs enough polishing that a release now would had been a disaster.

In any case it is not like it is a brand new game like AC:O but a remaster so we know that we are getting a better looking version of the game with several quality of life tweaks to make up for the age of the original game in terms of gameplay.

Is difficult to them speak… I mean save the franchise from disaster.

They said they will release it early 2018. So it will be less than 6 months.