We finally did it! New patch - your thoughts for future patches and DLC?

Wololo, they heard our prayers, some bugfixes and a better spectating mode. Hopefully they continue improving the spectating mode and maybe DLC too in the future.

What civs or campaigns do you want to see for DLC? Perhaps a better tutorial as well and improved AI difficulty scaling?

P.S. Tbh I hope they can give us an option for the font, the menu is so bland.


Here is what I would want:

New civs;

New units and upgrades:
-Heavy Axeman
-Cohort (Scout Cavalry upgrade)
-Heavy Slinger
-Armoured Camel Rider
-Peltast (Academy ranged unit with a javelin, that upgrades into Auxiliary in the Iron Age)

That is all I would want for AoE1 DE.


Oh yes please, Ancient India will be great for the next DLC.


To be honest, I would rather if they divided the Celts into Gauls, Britons and maybe Picts as the combat style of Gauls and Britons was very different. Specifically Britons were known for their chariot warfare while the Gauls were more of an infantry and light cavalry people.
Another interesting civilization would be the Chola or anything from southern India.


There is no need for 3 Celtic civs, when they could cover all 4 (Celtiberians) with an umbrella civ, which is much more realistic of an expectation.

With a Chariot bonus, you already cover teh Brittonni.
With an Axeman bonus you already cover the Picts.
With a Slinger bonus you already cover the whole Iberia.
With Heavy Cavalry, Longswordsman and Composite Bowman, you already cover the Gauls.


But one problem that may arise in such a scenario is what we see happening in AoE2, the forgotten DLC had some very general civilizations such as Indians Italians and Slavs and not a week passes without a new thread being made about changing the Slav name to Rus adding new civs or adding multiple civs etc so my perspective would be that if they will even add a new civ they should do it right from the start. But even if they don’t do that, just a general celtic civilization would be much better than what we have today where gauls are represented by Romans :slight_smile:


AoE1 will never get as many civs as AoE2, and it has a lot more to cover, so it should stick with large umbrellas.
A single Celts civ would be just fine.

Also, the issue with the AoE2 playerbase, is the myriad of nationalists, all of which want their own specific nation represented.

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Could you elaborate :clown_face:


I would suggest for new civilizations:

One Indian civilizations perhaps you can call it Indus civilization or something
Forth one could be anything since I dont have any good idea what it should be.


Slavs seem what is missing

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Slavs did not do much in Antiquity. They were basically a background people.
Scythians would already cover the area of modern Russia that actually did have some relevance in the Bronze and Iron Ages.


To each their own but i think it’s the grass is greener snydrome. The more civs the more appealing for some. Definitely AoE 1 should have less civs than AoE 2.

Anything that is added will be welcome.

My ideas are these:
Civilizations: The best thing would be to add those civs that already appeared in the campaigns: Gauls, Bretons and Huns (or Xiongnu). The first two should have a new architecture. The Huns should have Asian architecture, but with different houses (tents) and wonder.

Units: There is a number one priority, a Scout upgrade, available only to civs that do not have Chariots. To face in the late game when the gold runs out.
This could be the Light Cavalry. 70 HP (80 nobility) 5 attack and 10% more speed than other cavalry.
From now on, anything is welcome. Maybe a unit just for Celtic civs, (skirmisher?).
Maybe a battering ram, for more variety in the siege. A new ship, similar to the longboat (AOE2) so that the Celts do not have a fire ship or catapult.
And the always mentioned upgrades of the forgotten units, the Slinger and Camel Rider.

I was really sick yesterday and I was extremely happy when I woke up this morning to find out that AoE I was updated.


Really no one did anything much except Romans, Greeks and those in Anatolia or Levant

Which makes sense haha
Very interesting Israelites were left out in the original :thinking:


Celts were everywhere, even Anatolia. The Slavs did not leave their land much.
Thracians, Germanians and Illyrians could also be added, but to be honest, I would be happy with just Celts and Scythian, because Europe is empty, and the Celts were the original enemy of Rome.

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I understood that part
Gauls/Celts/Goths whatever all make sense for one big European civ while Thracians and Illyrians can kinda do the rest (Slavs)

I would at least split celts and germanii for western Europe. Thracians would be nice too. Than we have the bare minimum of the “barbarian” civilizations and we can move elsewhere.

My preferred potential civs are:

  • Gauls
  • Britons
  • Germans
  • Etruscans
  • Nubians
  • Indians (their correspondent of that time)
  • Scythians
  • Mauri
    Possibily Samnites and Iberians too.

Yeah but you gave them basically a bonus/FU for every military units…

I think that celts are too umbrella, either are focused on just some civs (like celts and germans) and you leave out other that would be a bit different (like britons and iberians) or you make more of them.


Those are some exotic civs such as the Mauri. Nubians will be an interesting take though. When you consider these civs are they possible to be in-game with their own building sets, etc?