We need a ban wave for all the cheaters

Understand that bug fixing may be difficult, but banning obvious cheater should be straightforward. Detecting them is not hard either since the replay which shows the cheating behavior is available for everyone in the game (I guess someone can even write a script to automatically check replays for potential cheating behavor?)

We need to ban them fast and furious, to mitigate the problem now and deter this behaviour in the future.

If you need manpower to review replay, I’m sure many people could volunteer in, myself included.


This guy is now 13th and still hasn’t been banned…


This is proof that the report button does nothing…


Wow. What is his nickname? I can’t find him from https://aoe2.net/

He change his name constantly, currently MBL lol. But he can’t change his profile, which is here:


Looks like MBL’s second account no?

Alright, yes, there are 2 “[aM] MbL40C” accounts in random map leaderboard, one of which is the guy you are talking about. So he is not a smurf (although that could be treated as cheating IMO), but a cheater-doppelgänger?

Reddit post about him. Can someone post links to videos of his cheating?

One example, not sure if it’s the same guy


Yes, it is him. First match in that video. Interestingly based on his ELO chart he also loses some matches, so even cheats are sometimes not enough against top players :smiley:


The devs made a mess in the current patch. There is really a thin line between bug abuse and cheater. Some players are just great in ‘using the new features’ of the game. Is that equal to cheating? Most will argue for ‘Yes’. I dont know if this is really against the rules. That is up to the devs to decide. This behavoir of players is a result of the mess from the devs. Do we really blame the players or do we need to blame the devs?

To be clear: I dont say we have to accept this behavoir of the players. For me it is a reason to stop playing untill this is fixed. It make no sense to play against bug abusers.


He lost to RiuT. Funny clip.

The worst part is that we cannot “BLOCK” an adversary from matchmaking putting us together again and the fact that he is also impersonating other players is very damaging to the community.

I would appreciate if the devs could somehow add a block feature and a restriction on name changes.

Its really painful to see a guy like Hera, who works 8-10 hours a day to develop his stream, shutting it down after playing the cheater 3x in a row. And 2.000 viewers actually confused if the other player was the actual cheater or a smurf. I am sure the actual player received not-so-polite messages for cheating, when he actually didnt do a thing.


Could you post a link to Riut clip? I would really like to see cheater get his ■■■ handed to him :smiley:
In which video did that Hera vs cheater for 3 times in a row incident happen?

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The Hera VOD is posted above. If you browse through it you will see the cheater/exploiter playing as “Darknoob” (not the actual cheater), Spanish on Islands x3. Hera instantly resigns on the 2nd and 3rd games, before deciding to stop actually playing ranked 1v1s.

RiuT beat the cheater later on the same day, his ranking had incresed above what “Darknoob” would usually be (1900~), so he renamed to “Noisick” (2100~). Same civ, same map, same cheats. RiuT beat him because most people just resign when they see the cheats. I do not believe RiuT would beat him a second time – he probably didnt expect RiuT to try.

Now he renamed to “MbL” (2200~) and is rank #13 on the ladder.

The fact that I, a person that has a full time job not related to AoE can keep track of this and the devs/GMs cannot baffles me. This guy should have his IP tracked and banned as a simple account ban would not suffice as its ridiculously easy to set up a new one on the same PC.

Also, a hotfix or rollback should have been done by now, but thats a different subject.


Thanks for the info. Here is Riut vs cheater game (starts at 3h 16m 11s)

Surely enough people have reported this cheater. Him being able to continue his shenanigans simply shows ingame report system not working properly.

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I wish voobly had servers

this other guy on twitch is doing the same ■■■■. ertugaoe he’s called


ertuG used to cheat on voobly too. He is a known map hack user.

Difference was that you could kick him out of your lobbies… fact that you cant block a player means matchmaking can still make you face him even if you know he is a cheater.

If only we had devs who think it might be a good idea to adress such an issue a bit faster than after 1 month of doing nothing…


That’s an excellent idea and then have the script deduct the points double for every abuse.

That is your assumption and negative bias you give it. I’m 100% sure that they rely on other resources for deep bug fixing and every month have an tight schedule for using those resources. I’m also sure that they will handle it one way or another.

So we have top players even quitting streaming / playing the game because of this bug exploiting?! When will the devs response?